Can you really be saved by a drone? What can possibly put your life in danger and not be able to be rescued by a person but rather a drone? 

This article will briefly describe 4 ways a drone or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), can save your life or that of anyone that is at risk or in a dangerous situation. 

Cyril Kabbara, the co-founder of Shark Robotics, reportedly told the New York Post that Colossus “is a robot that is designed to remove humans from danger. (New York Times Post, 2019). Not to replace [humans] but to act as operational support for firefighters.” 

With drones, gathering information of the ground from above with high-definition video and thermal imaging (lead to development of 3D simulations) has  made various emergency rescue services easier; saving more time and protecting more lives. 

Saving your life with a drone may sound an extreme case in using a drone. But just think for a mommentent how useful a drone can be on different cases where there are places too high, too tight or too hot to access. These are the type of situations in which a drone is used for instance in the Construction and Facilities management industry. Many will also utilize drones for entertainment, filming social events or marketing. Sometimes drones are a sign of surveillance, control or threat of one’s own life when used by governments or in military situations but still a drone can rightly save your life. Next we present 4 ways a drone can save your life. 


1. Drones used for crime management

The local police in the city of Ensenada, Mexico, have claimed that the purchase of one single drone led to more than 500 arrests, a 10 percent drop in the overall crime rate and a 30 percent drop in residential robberies. This drone can make 25 trips per day on average, covering areas with the highest density of 911 calls. The decreased response times and assistance in apprehending criminals has been linked to the decline in criminal activities in the city. (The wired, 2018). 


2. Drones used for disaster management


The March 2011 Tsunami in Japan, triggered by a mighty earthquake that caused severe damage to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The impact resulted in a full-scale evacuation because of the amount of dangerous nuclear material that was released. Drones were deployed at the first possible instance to assess the extent of the ruin. These robotic machines were able to provide assistance in monitoring for radiation exposure, repairing the destroyed areas and rebuilding efforts — all while minimizing the nuclear fallout exposure for relief workers at the same time. 


3. Drones used for search and rescue

The police department in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK, reportedly  used drones to locate a rape victim and her attacker  and also an elderly man, who wandered off with dementia.( the guardian news, 2018). These two cases were resolved smoothly and safely using the thermal sensing capabilities of their drone, and likely much quicker than otherwise possible. 

Conclusively, the use of these unmanned technologies seems more promising. It has already proven its ability to save lives and mitigate damages in dire situation and worthwhile in areas where even two helicopters can’t deliver.


4. Drones used for Crowd control


These types of drones are equipped with non-lethal weapons such as tear gas or sound cannons; they are specifically made to break up large, out-of-control crowds of people without causing any physical harm to them. They are typically used by the military and law enforcement agencies. 

This can be arguably be a way to save your life, but nevertheless, drones in this case will aid to reduce the risk of losing your life. 

In conclusion,  a drone or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can in many difficult or dangerous situations be a means to save you life. If you will like to know of any other uses or applications for aerial drones and how these can help for the success of your business visit us at Interstellar Drones and we’ll be happy to assist you. Just get in touch